Support your local businesses

The current coronavirus pandemic has brought out the creativity in all of us, and even more so by small businesses. They continue to serve and support local communities.

Let’s do our part!

Especially now, it’s very important that we champion small businesses. They’ve become a lifeline to those unable to leave their homes, they’re retaining jobs and are serving us with creative inspiration during the long days of self-isolation.

Use our handy map tool to find out which small businesses in your area are still open, and details on how they’ve adjusted their trading during these challenging circumstances.


Remember – Stay home, Stay safe

Please follow the government’s advice on self-isolation. When you leave the house to go shopping, consider supporting a business in your area as well. They will have safety measures in place that we should all respect.

Alternatively, take advantage of the home delivery services that many businesses have begun operating themselves.

Add your business to our map

Whether you’re an independent food store that’s started doorstep drop-offs, or a florist selling masks, sign up for FREE because we want to support you, and your business!

Why support?

Especially in times of crisis, it is easy for us to assume that supermarkets will have everything we need but small businesses are the backbone of society.

In the UK alone, small businesses represent 99.9% of the total business community according to the Federation of Small Businesses. What would our communities be like without small businesses?

Right now, most of the initiatives that small businesses have implemented are very local. Typically, information on their adjusted trading has only been shared via word-of-mouth and on their social media channels.

This free platform is a community to share how we can all support local businesses in our area. Once this pandemic finally comes to an end, let’s strive to become a stronger and healthier society!

Why Creative Locals?

Creative Locals is a personal initiative by young British-Indian entrepreneur, Mahbir Thukral.

My own teas and spices business has been greatly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. In the past few weeks, I’ve read so many heartfelt stories on social media of business owners sharing disbelief in the situation we have now all found ourselves in.

I couldn’t sit still and do nothing. I felt that I needed to create a community in which we could all support each other. In just one week, we have launched this platform, and by inviting small businesses everywhere to list their activities, I hope that with this small effort, we will support as many businesses, livelihoods and communities as possible.